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ask-jill asked: How the hell are you alive?!

Hello, Jill. I am alive for the same reason you are. Because I have willed it.

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bionicpikachu asked: Do you have any regret towards any past actions? Say, the events in Africa, or anything in perticular? Anything you would change?

Regret is an emotion only lower beings are susceptible to. Every action will generate a reaction. Every choice I make is a carefully laid out plan, and when something goes differently than I hypothesized  then it is merely time to record this new data, reconsider, and begin a more prefect process.

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Anonymous asked: My brother knows a Christian who does not believe that if the Old Testament were a true history of the world, humankind would be dangerously inbred. Thoughts?

Said Christian is beyond help. When a being allows the coping mechanism that you call religion to blind them from irrefutable science, they are willingly choosing blatant stupidity. There is no excuse, and no help for those who seem to believe denying themselves knowledge is acceptable.

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Anonymous asked: I was afraid for a while that we would no longer be able to follow your guidance.

Such is a legitimate fear.

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Anonymous asked: Wesker, i am aware of my position in this world in comparison to yours. However i have a question that has piqued my curiosity for quite a while. knowing you, you should be able to answer. What are the chances of creating a virus, that enhances one's overall capabilities such as strength, speed, thought and so on, to be compatible to an average person. i am also aware of your immunity to certain negative attributes of a virus you have had for a long time, so i don't take you for an average man.

There is no need to develop such a virus. The point of Uroboros is to eliminate “average” humans possessing “average” genetics to allow those of a superior race to claim the earth as they rightfully should. I am aiding the natural process of the world that lower beings have worked so foolishly to halt. 

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Anonymous asked: Your sexy

You’re not familiar with my responses to “questions” like these, are you?

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bionicpikachu asked: Wesker, what is your opinion on all the pairings in the Resident Evil fandom? Such as ChrisxWesker, WeskerxClaire, or WeskerxJill?

I haven’t an opinion on the convoluted sexual fantasies of those of you who do not possess the higher thinking required to focus on anything less petty than mammal reproduction.

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ewokpillowtalk asked: So I have a question about Uroboros. It's definitely interesting (if not completely terrifying) and I was wondering which specific genes it favors? Or rather, which genetic traits would help an individual survive coming into contact with it?

The answer is simple. Uroboros is designed to do what natural selection has ceased to do; it will purge the world of beings that possess traits less essential to survival. If you are wondering what attributes Uroboros favours, you merely need to look to those that would enhance the survival of the species. 

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powerbombtheheavens asked: NO PRINTER INK. WHAT THE FUCK

I some how doubt this is a matter you needed to involve me with.